Open Enrollment: Things you should know if you have ACA Marketplace health insurance

It is Open Enrollment! Within the past month, you should have received an email from your health insurance company regarding your 2022 plan renewal. This email should specify either:

  1. Your current plan will exist in 2022, and they are going to automatically renew your policy.
  2. Your current plan will not exist, so they have selected a new (similar) plan to automatically enroll you in for 2022.
  3. They cannot automatically enroll you in your plan, and you need to select something new for 2022.

Before you decide if you want to keep your current plan or enroll in their new recommended plan, you should verify that your current doctors / hospitals will be part of that plan (they can change from year-to-year).

You should also have someone help analyze your 2022 tax credits. Some of the 2021 credits for COBRA and unemployment did not extend to 2022, so your total insurance costs may increase significantly.

If for any reason you want to change your ACA plan for 2022, whether to a different ACA plan or an off-market plan, you need to notify your current insurance company by November 30 to cancel your 2022 insurance. You then have until December 15 to analyze your options and sign up for a new plan (although it is not advisable to wait for the last minute!).

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